Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Special Day to PLAY!

The bio on my  Dragon Doodles website says it best:
"Crayons DRAW better than they TASTE!"  
On this, my 44th birthday, I went back to my childhood roots and pulled out my big box of 96 Crayola crayons.  Remember the fun of getting a new box of crayons where all the tips were pointy and none of them were broken?  Illustrators are really just little kids at heart who love to have new art supplies to play with.  We never outgrow the longing to sniff a new box of crayons, reach out and touch the surface of the paper to see what kind of tooth or grain it may offer, and marvel at the way the paint swirls off our brush to make clouds in the water of the jar as we rinse between colours.
I had booked the day off for my birthday but was going live with an adventure counting down 365 days of Creativity today called Inhaling Creativity, so I wanted to have fun and just PLAY with the painting for this blog.
Happy Birthday to Me!

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