Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Surfacing from a LOT of drawing!

The thing about deadlines is that they tend to drive you just a little crazy.  

You find yourself chewing pencils, rubbing sleep from your eyes and wondering over and over what lead you to choose a creative career instead of one that would let you work 9 to 5, relax in the evenings and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Does that kind of life really exist out there anymore?

I love to draw the impossible and the illustrations for Emily Finds a Dragon are no exception... but this time I am juggling two major deadlines as well as substitute teaching during the day...

It makes intravenous caffeine look like a brilliant idea!


  1. You Go, girl! Can't wait to see your new illustrations...I know they will be fantastic and full of heart, like ALL of your work!

  2. To bad you weren't Art Teacher substituting then you could work your freelance projects into the course study.