Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye to A Year... and My Dad.

In my other blogs, I posted my thoughts and goodbyes to my Dad, but while cleaning off the hard drive as part of my year’s end activities this morning, I found a few of the illustrations that I’d made for a Father’s Day iPhoto book for my father a few years ago.  Since this blog is supposed to be the place to share my drawings, I thought I’d tuck them here.

Sing or Talk to your Kids at Bedtime...

One of my earliest memories is my Dad singing me a lullaby at night, a tradition I carried on with my own girls.  Reading, talking, praying or spending time with your children as often as you can before they go to sleep is something that will give them roots and love as they grow.  This is becoming a bit more of a challenge as they hit their tweens and teens and like to read in bed on their own, but I will eventually find the new balance that keeps us close but respects their changing desires for more independence.

Always Reach For Your Dreams...

My Dad was the ultimate, impulsive dreamer.  I learned that spark of believing that almost nothing is impossible from him, but thankfully also got  the practical planning necessary to accomplish goals from my Mom!  Encourage your kids to follow their dreams!  Too often, grownups explain in very practical terms why certain impossible dreams could never work.  Instead, why not give them the tools or help they need to try to see if they could make their dreams a reality (within reason and budget of course) because they just may surprise you!

Happy New Year Everyone! Keep Dreaming and Doodling!

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